How to Find My W-2 Form Online With H&R Block

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Tax season is amongst us, and H&R Block has a fantastic tool available to help you get your taxes completed faster.H&R Block’s W-2 Finder allows you to get your W-2 electronically and tax statement W-2securely.

What is the H&R Block W-2 Finder?

The H&R Block W-2 Finder makes it easy to access your W-2 form fast, electronically. Of course, every employer sends their employees their W-2’s via mail or electronically.

However, many are also participating in the H&R Block W-2 program as an added benefit to their employees. Once imported, you can start filing your taxes sooner than expected, so you can have your refund fast.

How to Find Your W-2 Form Online with H&R Block

H&R Block’s W-2 Form search only takes a few moments of your time.

  1. Once you have reached the Find My W-2 Form page, enter your employer name. Select Find My W-2.
  2. A list of employers may appear, just select the correct one for you.
  3. It will tell you if they can import your W-2. If it’s not available, you will receive an email alerting you when it is available.

It’s that simple. Once you have your W-2 imported, you can file your taxes immediately without watching the mail.

Why You Need Your W-2 Tax Form

Your employer is required to report all of your wage and salary information on your W-2 form. This includes the income you brought home as well as taxes and benefits withheld. You need this information to file your taxes accurately as some of the boxes will determine your financial future for the year. Here are four important boxes to pay attention to when completing your taxes.

  • Box 1: Wages, Tips, and Other Compensation

This box is a total of all your income, taxable and not.

  • Box 2: What You Already Paid the IRS

Box 2 is your Federal taxes withheld and already paid to the IRS. It should be close to your tax liability. If you find this number to be too far off, you may want to update your W4 form next year to avoid higher tax liabilities.

  • Box 12: The Nontaxable Benefits

Here, you will see other deductions from your paycheck such as your retirement contributions and health savings contributions. They are listed via codes.

  • Boxes 16 and 17: State Income Taxes

You will use these two boxes to file your state income tax. They serve the same purpose as boxes 1 and 2 for your federal return.

Your W-2 is the key to determining if you will pay back taxes or receive a refund. Do not bother stressing yourself out to receive the form. Get it today with H&R Block’s W-2 Form Finder. Filing with H&R Block is beneficial for you to get your taxes done when it’s convenient for you.

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