H & R Block 2015 Tax Refund Calculator

H&R Block offers three different kinds of free tax calculators, namely,
a tax refund calculator for determining your tax refund amount, a self-employed tax estimator, and a health care estimator for individuals. The basic tax return estimator can be used for calculating the amount of tax refund that you will receive or the amount you owe.

This tax tool is very easy to use, and you can answer all the questions in a relatively short time if you do not have a complicated tax situation. It asks questions in a very straightforward manner, and it does not require you to reveal your identity. It makes calculation based on information about your income and expenses, as well as the tax deductions that you are eligible for. As long as you submit all the required information correctly, you will get an accurate estimate of your tax refund.

Tax Refund Calculator Instructions

You will start off by entering information such as, filing status, age, income amount, withholding amount, state withholding and unemployment income. This information will be on your W-2 tax form, or other tax forms. If you are married filing jointly, then your spouse will need to answer the same questions. After you have answered the simple questions just mentioned, you will see along the side the total income amount, total deductions, total exemptions and what tax bracket you are placed into.

The HR Block Tax Refund Calculator is Quick and Easy!

The tax refund calculator will know right where you stand in your income tax return. Then you can decide if you want to e-file. It’s easy, accurate, safe, and will get you your largest return or lowest tax due that you deserve and are entitled to. Wouldn’t you like that peace of mind?


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